AP Photo/Alex Brandon

After the fifteen votes for Speaker of the House, it is a matter of debate whether or not Matt Gaetz, a Republican representative from Florida, is the future leader that the House of Representatives needs. Some (including myself) would argue that his strong conservative stance and willingness to push back against the establishment make him a valuable asset to the Republican party. Others argue that his controversial statements and actions disqualify him from being a true leader. An example of one of these controversial statements would be when he told college students ‘nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb’. To the liberal media’s surprise, no one was upset on the right with this comment. This is because it is a factual statement (with the exception of some odd guys who may have a thumb fetish). To the average conservative, this sentiment rings true, and as harsh as it may have been, truth triumphs over feelings. At least this is the case for those who identify as conservative.

One argument in favor of Gaetz as a leader is his ability to connect with and mobilize the base of the Republican party. It is no secret that the conservative side of the party was vocal in their support of Gaetz when he refused to vote for McCarthy. Even pushing back against Trump to ensure a better deal saw high approval from the right on Twitter. Even in doing so, he is still a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and has been a vocal critic of the Biden Administration, which has endeared him to many within the party. Additionally, he is a strong advocate for conservative policies such as smaller government, lower taxes, and strong national defense. After all, that is what the fight for leadership was about along with improved rules that remove CCP-style leadership from the top. He is willing to take on the establishment. He has been a vocal critic of both Republican and Democratic leaders and has shown a willingness to speak out against what he sees as corruption or a lack of adherence to conservative principles. This can be seen as a positive trait in a leader, as it demonstrates a willingness to stand up for what one believes in, even if it is unpopular.