Meet Our Hosts

Josh Gibbons

Co-host of Whats Happening Idaho & Whats Happening America

Josh is the owner of Red Helium, a political consulting firm leading the charge in winning at the ballot box and on issues. He is also the owner of Spire Visuals, a video production company located in Boise, Idaho. He is married and has four children.

Kirsten Lucas

Co-host of Whats Happening Idaho

Scandinavian, Christian, Patriot rabble-rouser and homeschooling mama to 8 children ages 25 to 5, grandma to 2, and married to her very best friend of 28 years. She loves organic wine and small-scale permaculture farming on their little 3.16 acre farm in Nampa, ID. She prays that there will be a day that Idahoans can say the tides were turned and they went back to being the freest state in the Union because they turned their eyes to Jesus and prayed for Him to reign in their land again. Then we can all say, “To God be the Glory great things He has done!”

Matt Edwards

Co-host of Whats Happening North Idaho

Matt Edwards is a registered voter in Kootenai County, North Idaho. He enjoys attending school board and other local government meetings in an effort to hold elected and appointed officials accountable as well as keep his community motivated to do the same. He is a dad, a husband and works as a media consultant and producer on various projects within and outside of Idaho that defend or advance the principles of liberty.

Erin Bernard

Co-host of Whats Happening North Idaho & Idaho Common Ground

 I am a Christian, conservative woman who was ‘forced’ to be a stay-at-home mom when my job required masks, and when my kids’ school ‘forced’ masks on their students to be able to step on campus. My kids are now homeschooled, btw. As the wife of a small business owner, I saw exactly how our liberties could be taken away when we weren’t paying attention, and 2020 helped me understand my red line, my morals, my history, and it made me become even more Conservative than I’ve ever been before.

Brian Almon

Host of Whats Happening Gem State

Brian is a Christian, husband, father, and descendant of American pioneers. He is an entrepreneur, writer, genealogist, and enthusiast of Western Civilization.

Brian writes about local news and issues at Gem State Substack, and has been published at The National Pulse, Action Idaho, and most recently the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Brian lives with his wife and four children in Idaho.

Lauren Walker

Host of Whats Happening America & Host of Lauren on the Ground

Lauren is a conservative patriot who spent 10 years doing Airborne Electronics in the USAF. She continued for another 8 years as a military contractor and has had many deployments including flying in Iraq & Afghanistan. She and her family moved to north Idaho 6 years ago for the picturesque scenery and freedoms Idaho affords that other states do not. When her program ended in Afghanistan (the debacle withdrawal), She came home to assist one of her pilots who was running for executive office. She has since entrenched herself in Idaho politics making many legislator friends along the way.