Independent conservative media outlets rely on donations from supporters to fund their operations and produce content. It has become increasingly difficult for independent media outlets to generate revenue through advertising as chasing advertisers is a full-time job. This has made donations from supporters even more important to our survival. In recent years, many independent conservative media outlets have seen a decline in funding, making it harder for us to produce the content that our audiences rely on. As a result, it is more crucial now more than ever for supporters to make donations to help us continue to operate and provide a conservative perspective in the media. We have plans to send our team back to the southern border and the Darien Gap (invite from famous war reporter Michael Yon) to cover the illegal immigration crisis facing our border. We’ve already exposed human trafficking of children, organ harvesting, and have shown how our own government has not only been complacent but paid to bring illegal aliens in who have infectious diseases which title 42 prohibited. We also plan to send some of our team to Washington D.C. to advocate for border security while also bringing hard hitting interviews to our viewers. Josh, our owner, has training and real life experience advocating and lobbying for laws that impact us. We plan to lean heavily into these talents. This cannot be accomplished without your support. Surprisingly, we’re not requesting a small fortune. Through many hands, we can continue to have our team produce, edit, write, and cover news the mainstream media won’t cover on the ground. Join us in taking the narrative back. Please consider contributing what you can afford. If that’s $1,000 $500 $250 $100 $50 or $20 or $10, it all adds up. We also have a monthly reoccurring donation option. Contributions can be made by going to

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