by Josh Gibbons

What the hell is going on? I just returned home from El Paso, Texas where I took two elected officials so they could witness firsthand how bad the invasion at our southern border is. Unfortunately, what I saw, was worse than what even I, someone who has covered the border in the past expected.

Biden made his agenda very clear. Illegal immigrants first, Americans second. While I was covering the border we had Border Patrol agents, National Guard troops, and Texas state troopers working together to block the media from seeing what is going on at the border. In addition, a false press conference was set up that never actually happened, which drew the media out into the scorching heat for hours. This raises the question: what is really going on at the border, and why are authorities trying so hard to hide it?

It’s possible that this is all part of a larger plan to distract from the situation at the border while the government works on a solution. However, this kind of deception is concerning, as it undermines the public’s trust in our government and its ability to be transparent.
The decision to end Title 42 by the Biden administration is going to lead to an unprecedented wave of mass illegal immigration and pose a severe threat to public health. Title 42 was implemented by the Trump administration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the Biden administration has chosen to end it, even though it had been proven effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and illegal immigration. Biden’s decision has created an opening for illegal immigrants from all over the world to sneak into the country and potentially spreading dangerous diseases. Illegal immigration is not only a violation of the law but also a significant threat to the health and safety of American citizens. As these illegal aliens enter our country unchecked, they expose us to infectious diseases and other health hazards that we have worked hard to eliminate. The Centers for Disease Control has repeatedly emphasized that unchecked migration will overburden our healthcare system and cause health concerns for all Americans. Migrants coming across the border may have been exposed to tuberculosis in their home countries, and the close quarters in detention facilities and processing centers can increase the risk of transmission. This is particularly concerning given the current COVID-19 pandemic, as tuberculosis and COVID-19 share many symptoms, which could complicate diagnosis and treatment. In speaking to my friend, Michael Yon, who is the most experienced war reporter in the world, and has been covering the Darien Gap for years, many coming through the Darien Gap have already shown signs of infectious diseases. As a matter of fact, many who went down with him, were exposed and sick for many days with rashes and other unexplained symptoms.

While I was in Juarez this last week with Senator Nichols and Representative Gallagher of Idaho, we witnessed a man on the side of the road throwing up. This would not be as concerning if it were alcohol or food, unfortunately, it was straight blood. The amount seemed to measure close to a gallon. Throwing up blood, also known as hematemesis, can be caused by a variety of conditions. Some common causes include gastrointestinal bleeding, liver disease, and certain infections. Mexican police stood by as this happened. If I had to venture to guess, I would say with the amount of blood that man lost, he has probably passed on.

The United States has a right and obligation to protect its citizens. Therefore, it is regrettable, no, criminal that the Biden administration is putting political correctness and liberal ideals above national security. The United States government must put public health first, and in this context, Title 42 has been a crucial measure that has been effective in limiting the spread of infectious diseases and illegal immigration. While tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have entered and been given free flights to their destination of choice, it is not too late for the Biden administration to reverse stop the flow. It is within their power to restore Title 42 and ensure the safety of Americans. The United States must strengthen its border security measures by stopping illegal immigration, and this must be a top priority for policymakers to protect our citizens and the country. I believe that the decision to end Title 42 by the Biden administration is was a grave mistake. The potential risks we face as Americans necessitates us to take strong border security measures to protect American citizens. Unrestricted illegal immigration, coupled with the absence of necessary screening protocols, will lead to devastating consequences for public health. It is imperative that national security takes precedence over the liberal agenda of the Biden administration. The US government must restore Title 42 and prioritize the health and safety of its citizens, not look for easy Democrat votes.